Exploring Bulgaria and Greece – Ascents on Musala, Vihren and Myticas Summits

The top of the highest summits of the Balkan Peninsula is led by Musala (2925m), followed closely by Myticas (2918m) and Vihren (2914m). All three are located in Bulgaria and Greece; during our expedition, we’ll try reaching all of them and, at the end, we’ll relax for a few days on the shore of the Aegean See.

Prices for 2018 trip: 565 euros/person

The cost of the expedition includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in a 3* hotel in Borovets – place in double room with breakfast included;
  • 2 nights accommodation in a 3* hotel in Bansko – place in double room with breakfast included;
  • 1 night accommodation in a 3* hotel in Litochoro – place in double room with breakfast included;
  • 1 night accommodation at Refuge A (Spilios Agapitos);
  • 3 nights accommodation in Olympiaki Akti – place in double room;
  • costs of the touristic assistance provided by a licensed international mountain leader/tour guide (with all expenses included);
  • rental of the specific climbing equipment (where necessary) and trekking poles;

The cost of the expedition DOESN’T include:

  • transport (this issue will be discussed and we’ll choose the best option);
  • meals, other than mentioned above;
  • visiting fees of the touristic objectives on route (on your request and ONLY if we still have some available time);
  • the cost of the ticket for the gondola Borovet – Yastrebets;
  • other expenses that are nor mentioned as being included;

Number of participants: 3-6 (accompanied by a fully qualified licensed mountain guide).

Next trip in Bulgaria and Greece: June 21 – 30, 2018

Deadline for bookings: May 1, 2018

Your place is confirmed only after the payment of 30% deposit, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Expedition Program:

Day 1: We will start our trip to Bulgaria and Greece with a transfer by car on route Brasov – Bucharest – Ruse – Borovets (distance – 635 km). Accommodation provided in Borovets.

bulgaria and greece

Day 2: Ascent on Musala Summit (2925m). After breakfast, we’ll get the gondola to Yastrebets (the higher station of the gondola is located at an altitude of 2369m), and from here we’ll follow the classic route to the summit (via Musala hut – 2389m).  If the team will be at the right level of training, we can descend via Malka Musala summit. Accommodation provided in Borovets.

musala vihren myticas

Day 3: Transfer by car on route Borovets – Rila monastery – Bansko ( distance – 200 km). Being a “recovery” day, on route we’ll have a short stop for visiting Rila Orthodox Monastery, the biggest and the most popular one in Bulgaria. Accommodation provided in Bansko.

rila monastery

Day 4: Ascent on Vihren Summit (2914m). Accommodation in Bansko.


Day 5: Transfer by car on route Bansko – Litochoro – Prionia (distance – 320 km). After reaching Prionia, we’ll hike for about 3 hours to Refuge A (Spilios Agapitos). Accommodation provided at the refuge.


Day 6: Ascent on Myticas Summit (2918m). Early in the morning, we’ll start our hike (with the right pace) to Skala Summit (2866m). From here, after enjoying all around views, we’ll have the pretty difficult traverse to Myticas Summit. In the afternoon, we’ll descend back to Prionia and further, by car, to Litochoro where we’ll have provided the accommodation.



Day 7: After breakfast, we’ll drive to Meteora for visiting its famous monasteries. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains. It will an amazing exploring day; at its end, we’ll drive back to Olympiaki Akti resort for some “decompression”.


Day 8-9: Relaxing days on the shore of Aegean See (Olympiaki Akti resort).


Day 10: We will complete our trip in Bulgaria and Greece by returning to Romania on route Olympiaki Akti – Sofia – Ruse – Bucharest – Brașov (distance: 955 km).

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