Tara Fagarasului – Fagaras Land (Tour S6)

Thanks to its favorable geographical position, Tara Fagarasului (Fagaras Land) has been since ancient times, alongside Barsei Land, an area where the locals sought refuge from invading enemies.

In Transylvania, which was conquered by the Hungarian kings after battles that lasted from the 11th to the 13th century, there were Romanian state formations mentioned in the documents; that also included “Fagaras Land” (”Terra Blachorum”). Following the administrative organization process, in the late 14th century the territorial units of Transylvania were the counties, Romanian districts, and the seats of the Saxons and Szeklers (actually judicial administration units). Fagaras (1222) counts to the oldest Romanian districts.

During our tour, we’ll visit some of the most representative landmarks: The Cave Monastery from Sinca Veche (known as The Temple of Destiny), the watermill from Ohaba village, the whirlpools from Lisa village and, finally, the Lipitzan Stud from Sambata de Jos village.


  • Tara Fagarasului Tour Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Group Size: 2-17 people
  • Specialty Category: Sightseeing
  • Tour Customizable: Yes
  • Price: upon request (it depends of the size of the group)
  • Cost includes:
    • Transfer by car/minibus from Brasov to Sambata and back;
    • Entry fees (for visiting Ohaba watermill, Lisa Whirlpools, Sambata de Jos Lipitzan Horses Stud);
    • Lunch served at Ohaba water mill;
    • Services provided by a licensed national tour leader;
  • Meeting place: Brasov-The Council Square or your hotel/guesthouse;


In the morning I will pick you up from your accommodation in Brasov (or other place, as you wish), then we’ll drive to Sinca Veche village (about 50 km.), a beautiful village mentioned in documents, for the first time, in 1476; the village offers a fantastic perspective of Fagaras Mountains, the highest from Romania .

tara fagarasuluiOnce arrived here, we’ll visit the Cave Monastery (known as the Temple of Destiny).  The monastery is dug in grindstone on the slopes of Plesu Hill. Its age couldn’t be established, but there are some stories that indicate to be older than 7000 years. The local people believe that the place has a miraculous power; they come and pray here for seeing their wishes becoming true.

A lot of visitors mention the fact that, after spending some time into the cave, they feel recharged with energy. The temple has 5 rooms (including the 2 altars), and a chimney where you can see the sky. On the walls, we’ll identify some scratched signs: the portrait of Jesus, David’s Star, Yin-Yang.

tara fagarasuluiAfter visiting the temple, we’ll have a short drive to Ohaba village, where we’ll stop for visiting the oldest (and still functional) watermill from Tara Fagarasului. Its stones were brought from France (Lyon) in 1873 and during its entire history was owned by the same family (the 4th generation is now in charge). During the communist regime, the owner of the mill was imprisoned because he refused to pass it over (at that time he was widow, with 5 children, and the mill provided the only income of the family).

After admiring the place, we’ll spend here some more time, having a traditional lunch, surrounded by birds and flowers.

tara fagarasului

We’ll continue our trip and soon we’ll stop at the whirlpools from Lisa village. These are hydraulic systems, older than 100 years; the business started in 1850 and from the very beginning was passed from father to son. The main purpose of the whirlpools is cleaning the sheep wool that is used further on for blankets and clothes.




tara fagarasuluiFinally, we’ll drive for an enjoyable visit of the Lipitzan (name comes from Lipita – Slovenia)  horses stud from Sambata de Jos village. The stud has been established in 1874; in 1913, because of the imminence of the first world war, it was moved to Babolna, in Hungary. In 1920, the stud was re-established but only with a small number of horses.

Nowadays, the stud has more than 300 horses; there are 8 “lines of blood” that were used for breeding: Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Pluto, Siglavy-Capriola, Tulipan and Incitato (that’s the newest one).

After completing Tara Fagarasului Tour, we’ll drive back to Brasov.

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