Sightseeing in Transylvania

When you book your Transylvania Sightseeing tour, you dive into a mix of cultures, nature and history. Transylvania is a diverse region: it is worth trying to observe the differences that exist within the region, both culturally and naturally. This region is a place with abundant history and multicultural convergence.

Transylvania has all the history and multi-ethnic culture you could want. Its history was much disputed: once it was an integral part of the Kingdom of Hungary (950-1526), then an independent Principality (1526-1690) before being reabsorbed by the Habsburg Empire. In 1918, after the Treaty of Triannon, it finally joined Romania. This complex history explains the many cultural differences between Transylvania and the rest of Romania.

Transylvania Sightseeing is a wonderful unforgettable experience, as long as you’ll have exceptional opportunities to immerse deeply into the medieval times. Below, you’ll find out some of the most popular sightseeing tours that can be mixed and tailored in accordance with your requests to enjoy your holiday. If you are in love with the mountains, it will be very easy to add some awesome days in Carpathians.

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sightseeing in Transylvania Peles Castle-The Kingly Jewel of the Crown (Tour S1)

bran rasnov Bran Castle and Rasnov Citadel (Tour S2)

brasov Brasov Sightseeing Tour (Tour S3)

sighisoara Sighisoara Sightseeing Tour (Tour S4)

P1000451 Saxon villages – Saschiz and Viscri (Tour S5)

tara fagarasului Tara Fagarasului – Fagaras Land (Tour S6)

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